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Yeshua and the Fall Feasts

  This is a wonderful season on God’s calendar, and in this issue of JVT, we wanted to prepare the way for you to celebrate the Fall Feasts—to gain a new appreciation of both their historical and prophetic significance, as well as how they can enrich your... read more

A Month of Faith-Building

OCTOBER’S TV LINEUP A Month of Faith-Building October on “Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis” is packed with inspiration, insights, and important information just for you! You’ll learn about the three Fall Feasts in our new “5-Minute Feasts” segment, and you’ll... read more

Today on Jewish Voice: Chris Mitchell

Wars, Iran’s nuclear program, the barbarism and worldwide recruitment of ISIS, Russia inside Syria – what happens in the Middle East affects the world, and you! Chris Mitchell reveals what you need to know. WATCH NOW! Watch the... read more

An Inconvenient Truth Leaves the White House Up in Arms

Some in the White House and in the international community are up in arms because Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told an inconvenient truth through video on YouTube this week. His message was clear—uprooting Jewish communities from the West Bank to make way for a... read more

Are the Fall Feasts Significant?

Here we are again, on the threshold of the Fall Feasts on the Jewish or Hebrew calendar. Could this be the autumn that ushers in the return of Yeshua (Jesus) to catch away His Bride? It certainly could be! Many Bible prophecy teachers believe that when Yeshua does... read more

Today on Jewish Voice: Mark Rutland

Hurting. Burdened. Confused. Depressed. We don’t like to admit it, but sometimes these words can describe a season of life even for Believers who love and faithfully follow Yeshua (Jesus). When an excruciating bout of depression led Dr. Mark Rutland to explore more... read more

Hosanna, Ethiopia: A Day of Many Lasts

This post is continued from “Hosanna, Ethiopia Medical Outreach Comes to a Close.”   The photographer is ready for surgery. The double cataract surgery was a complete success. The little girl can see clearly. The Last Line  Friday was a half-day with... read more

Hosanna, Ethiopia Medical Outreach Comes to a Close

Outreach partners are back at home now after our Hosanna, Ethiopia medical outreach. They’re back at their jobs and into the regular routines of their Western lives. But from experience, we know that scenes and faces from Hosanna remain etched in their minds, and the... read more