Middle East Update: Can Israelis and Palestinians Even Get to the Table to Talk Peace?

Middle East ConflictPalestinian Leaders Reject Unconditional Peace Talks with Israel

US Secretary of State John Kerry is going back to the Middle East next week for yet another round of meetings pursuing peace in the Middle East by restarting peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.  In advance of the trip, the Fatah faction has sent Kerry a pointed message: “Stop telling us not to insist on conditions ahead of the talks.” The Palestinians have made their participation in any peace talks conditional to a number of concessions that Israel has described as issues that should be viewed as Palestinian goals for outcomes, not demands for beginning talks.

Palestinians willing, if…

Among the Palestinian demands are an immediate end to construction of homes for Israeli families in East Jerusalem, the release of many prisoners held in Israeli jails, and the acceptance of the 1967 borders as the basis for the creation of a Palestinian state. The Fatah Committee publicly called on Kerry to “put pressure on Israel” to make these concessions as a means of starting the peace process rather than expecting them to come to the table to discuss such issues.

Jerusalem Through Razor WireIsrael willing, if…

The Obama Administration has made the peace talks a high priority for the second term. Mr. Obama visited Israel a few months ago, and Kerry has made a number of trips to talk to both sides of this Middle East conflict attempting to find some means of getting them back to the negotiating table.  The Israeli government has proclaimed willingness to begin talks if no demands are made in advance, but so far no movement has resulted.

With all of the threats further roiling the conflict in the Middle East—the bloody Syrian civil war, the growing unrest in Turkey, the collapse of the government in Lebanon, the return of sectarian violence in Iraq and Iran’s continuing nuclear weapons program—the lingering tension between Israelis and Palestinians is receiving a great deal of focus from America and the European Union. Many people believe (or at least profess to believe) resolving that conflict would bring peace to the entire region.

While we know that there will never be lasting peace until Yeshua returns as Prince of Peace, we can and should pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Today people in Israel live with the constant threat of attack that could come at any moment. Jewish Voice Ministries is committed to doing everything we can to encourage, comfort and bless the poor and needy of Israel. Your financial support today allows us to continue working with more than two dozen ministry partners in Israel to meet these needs. Thank you for your prayers and gifts to enable this great work to continue. God bless you.

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  1. Maureen Sykes says:

    Please send me the complimentary Middle East News 3-updates.

    • JVMI says:

      Thank you Maureen. We’ve added you to our Middle East Update email list. Please let us know if you have any trouble receiving it. God bless you.

    • I am enjoying ” Jewish Voice ” since I stumbled across it a week ago. God Bless.

  2. Hugh Driskell says:

    Peace, as we understand it, is not possible. There are too many forces lined up against Israel whose stated intents are to wipe Israel from the map. Peace! Peace for whom? At what price?

  3. Amir MagOnid says:

    Maranatha Lord Yeshua Jesus, please come quickly back to planet earth to take us back to heaven to the marriage supper of the Lamb of God ! Amen and amen!

  4. The king is coming soon..the final 7 years is about to begin if an peace agreement is reached and then all hell breaks loose because the holy land aka jeresulem is divided.. WW3, mark of beast , antichrist, false prophet, satan defeated then the second coming of Jesus

  5. Maranatha Lord Jesus- come soon, Let all on earth be blessed will your word of truth. Help us in taking your word on all over the earth. Amen!

  6. I have decided to support this ministry and Jonathon Bernis in proclaiming the message of Yeshua. It is now time to study and follow our Jewish Roots. I have started sowing into the ministry to help those who are the lost sheep of Israel. May Israel be richly blessed in this great hour of world history as we approach perilous times. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

  7. Nancy Farnin says:

    Would it be worth it to email Secretary Kerry’s office to let him know where we stand on this issue? I know he has no constituents to answer to now but I was wondering if it couldn’t hurt for him to know where the American people stand. I will surely be supporting Jewish Voice in this endeavor as well but I think our voices being heard may at least sway tactics or points of view in these “peace talks”. They have to see the utterly outrageous demands (with no concessions) that are being put on Israel.
    We must pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

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