Link Between Malaysian Flight 370 and Israel

As the mysteries surrounding the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 continue to deepen, Israel has taken the precaution of tightening the security around its airspace.

A report in “The Times of Israel” revealed that Israeli security officials and aviation authorities held a security assessment and decided upon a series of security measures intended to enhance safety in Israeli airspace.

Among the measures cited, airliners are now required to identify themselves much earlier when approaching Israel’s airspace. For obvious reasons, other precautions were not disclosed but you can be sure that the government there is taking no chances.

The increased security came as El Al’s former global security chief told “The Times of Israel” he believes that the disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines flight points directly to Iran.


Concerns about the missing wide-body jet center on the possibility that a terrorist organization or rogue state could turn the aircraft into a huge and destructive bomb which could be directed at a major city such as Tel Aviv.

Israel’s concerns are well-founded. A March 15 report in the major UK newspaper, “The Telegraph,” revealed that just last week an al-Qaeda informant told a court that four to five Malaysian men had been planning to take control of a plane, using a bomb hidden in a shoe to blow open the cockpit door. Security experts said the evidence from a convicted British terrorist was “credible.”

Of course, all of this is speculation and conjecture at this point, with new information emerging on a daily basis. Nevertheless, what is undeniable is that threats to Israel’s security and survival are growing.

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