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Biblically centered in Israel and scattered around the world, the Jewish people share heritage and history as well as ethnic, cultural, and religious ties. They are in many nations, speak numerous languages, and can be found at every socio-economic level. These diverse classifications share a commonality in that the majority of Jewish people around the world are considered “unreached.”

According to the Joshua Project, the majority of the world’s Jewish population is indeed “unreached,” meaning there are less than 2% who are active believers in the Good News of Yeshua, and less than 5% who profess a faith connection with Him in a broader way. This is in spite of the fact that there currently are more Jewish people who now profess faith in Yeshua as Savior and Messiah than any time in history. But overall, the percentage who see Him clearly in this way and receive Him personally is very low.

How can that be, when the Good News of Yeshua began in their very midst, Yeshua is foretold in their Scriptures, and He Himself is Jewish? Many Jewish people have not heard of Jesus; and the many who have, have not heard a clear presentation of who He is, nor of the Good News and what it could mean to them. Jesus is more often seen as a Catholic or Protestant religious figure, instead of the Jewish Messiah and Savior sent to the Jews. The Good News needs to be shared far and wide, clearly presented, and accompanied by the revelatory power of the Holy Spirit.

This is why Jewish Voice goes where we go, and why we do what we do. Whether we are in a metropolitan hub in Europe, or a rural village in Ethiopia, the purpose and message is the same: that Yeshua came for, loves, and desires a relationship with each one of His children.

Here are a few ways to pray for the Jewish people:

  • There are 58 different Jewish people groups throughout the world. Pray for many Believers to “GO” to each group and share Yeshua
  • There are over 15 million Jewish people in the world. Pray for the Good News of Yeshua to be heard, read, lived out, and shared with each one
  • Wisdom and clarity for Jewish Voice, as we continually seek the Lord regarding where to go next―for location as well as timing
  • Favor in every nation and region we go, from the local level all the way up to the highest authorities
  • Doors to open and provision for every outreach assignment the Lord gives us
  • The ability to bridge cultural, philosophical, spiritual, and linguistic gaps so that the message of Yeshua can be heard and experienced clearly
  • “All Israel” to be reached and saved!

For a list of where we are going and who we are reaching out to next year, click here.

Your prayers pave the way, and they make all the difference! Thank you.


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