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Dr. John Garr | God and Israel
January 30 — February 5, 2017
The deluge of “fake news” and propaganda is exploding, disseminated by people who don’t take the Word of God or Bible prophecy seriously. John Garr, Ph.D., joins Jonathan Bernis to separate the fiction from the truth, undergirded by the Word of God. Dr. Garr’s latest book, God and Israel, explores hidden Biblical mysteries pertaining to Israel, and what you need to know about God’s relationship with Israel and with you!

Jonathan Cahn | The Book of Mysteries
February 6 — 12, 2017
What if you discovered a treasure chest filled with ancient mysteries and revelations from heaven. Jonathan Bernis sits down with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn to discuss his latest project, The Book of Mysteries, a journey through God’s Word, history, and the most important keys of spiritual truth. Join the conversation as Rabbi Cahn shares about the life-transforming secrets and heart-changing revelations he has uncovered along with hidden keys that can transform your life to joy, success, and blessing.

Dr. Danny Ben Gigi | The Biblical Hebrew Trainer
February 13 — 19, 2017
Jonathan Bernis welcomes Hebrew scholar, Dr. Danny Ben Gigi back to the show to discuss his book The Biblical Hebrew Trainer. Dr. Ben Gigi shares the profound spiritual implications of learning and praying in Hebrew. Together he and Jonathan explore the personal growth and divine connection that becomes possible when you confess ancient Hebrew texts and sacred poetry in their original language.

Cherie Calbom | The Juice Lady’s Guide to Fasting
February 20 — 26, 2017

Fasting: at one time it simply meant going without food. But now, there are juice fasts, sugar fasts, fasts where you only eat raw-foods, and many more. How do you know which one is right for you? What are the benefits of each? How long should you fast? Join Jonathan Bernis as he talks with The Juice Lady, Cherie Calbom, to discuss her upcoming book, The Juice Lady’s Guide to Fasting. Find out how to get the most out of a fast, the right way to fast, and how you can experience improved weight loss, spiritual renewal, and optimal health.

Dr. Ron Rhodes | The Bible Prophecy Answer Book
February 27 — March 5, 2017
Who is the anti-Christ? What is the mark of the beast? Will we recognize our loved ones in heaven? Ron Rhodes, Ph.D., biblical scholar and president of Reasoning from the Scriptures, has taken the most common questions about Bible prophecy and provided easy-to-understand answers in his new book, The Bible Prophecy Answer Book. Dr. Rhodes and Jonathan Bernis explore topics including the identity of the anti-Christ, the designation 666, and events revealed thousands of years ago in the Hebrew Scriptures now making news headlines.



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