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As part of our ongoing commitment to the rural, Lemba regions where we conduct medical clinics, Jewish Voice helped with the purchase of five grinding mills for the National Council of Messianic Lemba Believers, one for each region where they live in Zimbabwe.

Many of the Lemba are subsistence farmers relying on their own gardens and crops for food. Grinding their grains by hand is time consuming and labor intensive. Paying others to grind it for them is costly. With these mills, they can quickly turn whole grains into flour.

Grain is poured into a hopper at the top of the machine and gets ground safely inside a metal chamber. The machine then sends the finished flour out through a side chute into the farmer’s collection bag.

The Lemba are thrilled to have their mills and are making good use them already. They are currently working to finalize the installation of the mills in suitable locations within each of the five regions where JVMI has assisted the Lemba in planting congregations.

Recently, we received some photos that we knew you’d like to see.

Gutu, Zimbabwe

Setting up the Gutu mill.


Chitsungo, Zimbabwe

The Lemba in Chitsungo gather around the new mill for a demonstration.


The Chitsungo grinding mill


Masvingo, Zimbabwe

Collecting ground grain in a bag from the grinder in Masvingo


Buhera, Zimbabwe

Operating the mill in Buhera in the dark by flashlight.


Mberengwa, Zimbabwe

The Lemba in Mberengwa with their new grinding mill.



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