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Middle East Update is a weekly news update on the Middle East and events influencing Israel, prayer alerts and action items.

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New threats from ISIS

Two rockets fired from the Sinai Peninsula struck an open field in the Eshkol region of southern Israel last week. No one was injured and no damage was reported. The ISIS affiliate called Sinai Province claimed responsibility. The attack may be retaliation for... read more

The Results of This Meeting Are Promising

President Donald Trump broke with two decades of foreign policy last week when he said the United States would no longer insist on the creation of a Palestinian state as the basis of a Middle East peace agreement.     While hosting Israeli Prime Minister... read more

Missile Testing – A Breach in Resolutions

Iran has tested a homemade cruise missile capable of carrying nuclear weapons. The test came hours after its test-firing of a medium-range ballistic missile, also capable of delivering weapons of mass destruction. The ballistic missile test prompted the Trump... read more

This Move May Lead to Strong Reactions

The top negotiator for the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) has renewed promises of a strong reaction if President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continue to pursue a U.S. embassy move to Jerusalem. Saeb Erekat says the PLO will... read more

The New U.S. Administration – What Will It Bring?

With President Donald Trump serving his first week in office, hopes are high in the Jewish State and among supporters of Israel worldwide that the President will deliver on his promise to move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Those hopes were buoyed by... read more

When will it end?

  In a year in which the United Nations and numerous Arab nations have blamed Israel for violence in the Middle East, her Arab enemies have committed a horrific terrorist attack against the Jewish people. This time, four soldiers were killed, and 17 others... read more

A New Low

Unfortunately, we seem to have reached a new low in U.S.-Israeli relations. With less than a month to go before the end of the Obama administration, Secretary of State John Kerry defended our nation’s deeply troubling decision to not veto–and instead abstain from... read more

An Unprecedented Act Against Israel

In an unprecedented act against the State of Israel, the United States abstained from voting on UN Security Council Resolution 2334 on December 23. This led to a 14-to-0 approval by the UN of the resolution, which denies the legal validity of Israel’s West Bank and... read more

Why Some Are Concerned for Israel’s Security Assistance

Two major Israeli news sources are reporting concern among the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) over possible cuts in U.S. defense aid. The U.S. currently gives $3.3 billion to Israel each year. That figure is set to increase to $3.8 billion in 2018. Though President-elect... read more

A New Report Warns of a Possible Second Arab Spring

A new report released this week by the United Nations warns of the possibility of a second “Arab Spring” that may well have implications for Israeli safety and security. Called the Arab Development Report, the paper focuses on the future of young Arabs aged 19 to 26,... read more