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Jewish Voice has been hard at work offering free medical clinics to the most impoverished pockets of Jewish People around the world, particularly Jewish communities in Africa and India. We plan our Medical Outreaches throughout the entire year so that we can reach as many needy people around the world as possible. Check out BeHisVoice.org on our JVMI website and start planning to join us for one of our winter, spring, summer, or fall trips.

You impact lives every day in your practice, bringing health and healing to your patients. Yet nothing compares to bringing hope to those so desperately poor that medical care is non-existent except for their visit with YOU at a JVMI medical clinic.

Make history again with us as we minister through medicine and share the Good News of Yeshua, rejoicing as many more of the Lemba People of Zimbabwe come to know their Messiah!

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