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Shalom! Jewish Voice Ministries International seeks fellow Believers to stand with us in prayer as we take the gift of Yeshua to the Jew first and to the Nations. If you are willing to pray for the Ministry on a regular basis, sign up here to become a Jewish Voice Prayer Partner and we will send you regular Prayer Updates by email to keep you informed of current activities and Ministry needs around the World.

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Lonely Grounds After an Exciting Week

Bob, outreach partner and photographer, had a story to tell us today. As he walked to the lunch tent, two police officers watching over the clinic called to him. He turned and said “Good morning” to them in their Shona language. They joked together for a moment, the... read more

Why The Palestinian Authority May Sue Great Britain

Believe it or not, the Palestinian Authority is preparing to sue the nation of Great Britain in international court over a letter written 99 years ago. That letter, one of the most prophetically significant documents ever penned outside of Scripture, is known as the... read more

Gutu Clinic is Coming to a Close

Thursday, July 28, 2016 – Clinic Day 5 It seems they’re having trouble with cell service there in Gutu. Not many emails and photos have come through, but we did get this beautiful panoramic shot of the Thursday morning worship gathering with the clinic compound in the... read more

Medical Outreach Update: A Line for Every Need

Tuesday, July 26, 2016 – Clinic Day 3 This is the line of people waiting to receive medical treatment on Tuesday morning. Each of our medical outreach clinics has several departments. The Line Management teams organize lines based on the patients’ needs, whether... read more

An Amazing Difference a Day Makes

The Gutu outreach team arrived safely in country and are, just this Tuesday evening (for us), beginning their third full clinic day on Wednesday. Internet reception has prevented us from receiving many updates, but here’s a little news from the field. Saturday, July... read more

Combating the Rise of Anti-Semitism

In past issues of this update, I have warned about Turkey’s slow but steady drift away from secular government and toward Islamic fundamentalism under the increasingly authoritarian rule of President Recep Erdoğan. This accelerated greatly this week in the aftermath... read more

A Friend of Israel

British Prime Minister David Cameron resigned this week in the wake of his failed efforts to keep the United Kingdom in the European Union. Replacing Cameron as the head of the Tory Party is 59-year-old Theresa May. Of course, any time a new leader steps into office... read more

Gutu Prayer Points 2016

It was in Gutu, Zimbabwe that we hit an amazing milestone when we treated our 250,000th medical outreach patient back in 2014. We are headed there again next week to begin our third Gutu outreach, and we are so grateful to have your prayers covering us. The fact that... read more

What Difference Could You Make?

  VICTORIA FALLS EXPEDITION (optional)   See the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls. Only an additional $200 when you join us on our Masvingo outreach! Click here to learn more.           CAPE TOWN EXPEDITION (optional)   Spend 5... read more