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Shalom! Jewish Voice Ministries International seeks fellow Believers to stand with us in prayer as we take the gift of Yeshua to the Jew first and to the Nations. If you are willing to pray for the Ministry on a regular basis, sign up here to become a Jewish Voice Prayer Partner and we will send you regular Prayer Updates by email to keep you informed of current activities and Ministry needs around the World.

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Friday Masvingo Field Update

Friday, August 26, 2016 When the Masvingo clinic closed for the day yesterday, people stayed in line. An hour or so later we found about 300 people there who were committed to staying the night so they could be treated today. It was a cold night with temperatures in... read more

Update on an Urgent Matter

Last year, I informed our partners and friends of a catastrophic agreement between Western powers and perhaps the most outspoken enemy of Israel. Recent developments in this story urge me to write you again on the matter … The Obama Administration’s announcement of... read more

In Hosanna, Ethiopia, please save now!

As we conclude our medical outreach to Masvingo, Zimbabwe this week, we are also finalizing preparations for our medical outreach to Hosanna, Ethiopia. How many places do you know that have a name that is in itself a cry for salvation? Hosanna is such a place. As... read more

Masvingo Medical Outreach Update

For our medical outreaches in Zimbabwe, we set up a campsite in a rural area. Our clinic consists of many large event tents, and our separate campsite does as well.  (Our campsites are probably the most comfortable tent-camping you’ll ever do!)  But we never know how... read more

Masvingo, Zimbabwe Field Reports

Wednesday, August 17, 2016 They’re on their way! The group of U.S. outreach partners came from all over the country to meet up in Washington, D.C. Thursday. Everyone is in high spirits and excited to start their outreach adventure. Masvingo is a new location for us,... read more

These are Troubling Implications

In this space in the past I have pointed to the troubling implications for Israel of Russia’s growing influence and military presence in the Middle East. Indeed, last week I mentioned the prophetic implications of Russian’s warming relations with Turkey. This week... read more

Gutu, Zimbabwe: Recap

Several weeks ago, we told you we were returning to Gutu, Zimbabwe, with much-needed medical care, clean water, and most importantly, the Gospel of Yeshua (Jesus) for the Lemba and their neighbors. The outreach has recently been completed and there is so much to share... read more

Recap Saturdays: His Compassions Never Fail

No matter how hard life gets. It cannot overtake us. God is too compassionate to let us deal with these problems alone. Each morning he gives us a fresh batch of ability to face the day. See what we were posting this week:            ... read more

A Possible Shift in Power

Is the militarily powerful and strategically positioned nation of Turkey pivoting away from Europe and toward Russia? It would seem so based on news this week. If this is so, the shift carries enormous implication for Israel and the entire Middle East in the light of... read more

Masvingo Daily Prayer Points

PREPARE THE WAY FOR US, LORD, AS WE PURPOSE TO PREPARE THE WAY FOR YOU!   We have been wanting, praying, and preparing to go to Masvingo, Zimbabwe, for some time. We were unable last year, but the time has finally come. We are delighted at this open door and the... read more