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Prayer Partners!

Shalom! Jewish Voice Ministries International seeks fellow Believers to stand with us in prayer as we take the gift of Yeshua to the Jew first and to the Nations. If you are willing to pray for the Ministry on a regular basis, sign up here to become a Jewish Voice Prayer Partner and we will send you regular Prayer Updates by email to keep you informed of current activities and Ministry needs around the World.

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Your Prayers Impact Us!

We believe that God is giving us a clarion call in 2017 to prepare the way for the Lord to come in all His glory and power to the people and places He is assigning us. However, we know that any mandate from the Lord must begin at some level with our own... read more

A New Low

Unfortunately, we seem to have reached a new low in U.S.-Israeli relations. With less than a month to go before the end of the Obama administration, Secretary of State John Kerry defended our nation’s deeply troubling decision to not veto–and instead abstain from... read more

An Unprecedented Act Against Israel

In an unprecedented act against the State of Israel, the United States abstained from voting on UN Security Council Resolution 2334 on December 23. This led to a 14-to-0 approval by the UN of the resolution, which denies the legal validity of Israel’s West Bank and... read more

We Fight For The Light!

In a time when the culture and governmental leaders — Antiochus IV in particular — were persecuting the Jewish people and seeking to subvert their beliefs, the Maccabees, whose bravery precedes the miracle of Chanukah, fought for what was right. We too have the... read more

We Want to Thank You

Thank you for making 2016 such an amazing year of ministry. You made miracles happen when you helped us change 68,787 lives last year in medical clinics. That’s more patients than we’ve ever treated in a year! In fact, there are several “more than evers” that you... read more

Why Some Are Concerned for Israel’s Security Assistance

Two major Israeli news sources are reporting concern among the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) over possible cuts in U.S. defense aid. The U.S. currently gives $3.3 billion to Israel each year. That figure is set to increase to $3.8 billion in 2018. Though President-elect... read more

Their Future Appears to Finally be Settled

For about 300 Jewish residents in the central West Bank community of Amona, their future appears to finally be settled: eviction. Amona is the largest of about 100 unauthorized settlements that dot the West Bank, erected without the permission of—but generally... read more