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In a time when the culture and governmental leaders — Antiochus IV in particular — were persecuting the Jewish people and seeking to subvert their beliefs, the Maccabees, whose bravery precedes the miracle of Chanukah, fought for what was right.

We too have the ability to daily wage war in prayer with the sword of the Spirit, the Word of God. How wonderful it is in this season of celebrating the light of Yeshua to be reminded that our prayers can avail much. When we intercede, we partner with God to bring light and hope into the darkest of places, breaking through barriers and obstacles, and leading to revelation of salvation in Yeshua, the Light of the world.

As you focus your heart on Yeshua and your prayer attention on these requests, ask God to direct your prayers by the Spirit of God. He can guide them to hit the mark and make a difference for thousands in the year ahead!

Please pray for:

  • Clear direction from the Lord regarding each proposed outreach to the Jewish people and their neighbors.
  • Clarity as to how to be the greatest blessing once we get there.
  • The Lord to move now on the hearts of MANY medical professionals and general volunteers for each outreach. Join us in asking and trusting God to hit our target of 30 medical professionals and 23 non-medical professionals for EACH outreach!
  • The Lord to appoint divine connections among the authorities and communities where we will go who will “open the doors” and extend favor to us.
  • Great unity among local Believers in each area, that they welcome the ministry of Jewish Voice and prepare the way for the Lord by praying according to the information He gives them as citizens of the area!
  • The Lord to place a longing in the hearts of all the Jewish people in these areas, as well as in their neighbors, to know Him. He will be found by those who seek Him, and He is already reaching out to them!

Lord, we each say, “Hineni! — Here I am!” Like the Maccabees, we are ready to make a difference in our generation. We want to be used through prayer to see others come to know You. Help us be bold and specific in our prayers and expectant in our faith. You ARE the Light of the world, Yeshua. May many be rescued from the kingdom of darkness into Your marvelous light! Amen.


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