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Webcast FAQ
Q: I can’t get the webcast to work on my computer:
A: If you can’t see the webcast, these are the compatibility requirements and available downloads:
Adobe Flash Player 10 or above-download the latest version here:

Adobe Flash Player

Upgrade your browser to the latest version:

Internet Explorer | Google Chrome | Mozilla Firefox | Safari

Q: Does the webcast air on TV?
A: No, you will only be able to view the webcast online during the live airing.
Q: I can’t see the video.
A: If you can’t see the video you may want to update your Flash plugin or your internet browser. Please see our compatibility requirements above.
Q: I submitted a question but it was never answered.
A: We receive many questions and try to get to as many as we can. If your question wasn’t answered this time, please watch our next webcast and submit another question, we love participation!
Q: My prayer request was not prayed over.
A: We are so very sorry, but are unable to pray over all prayer requests during the webcast. The prayer requests are turned over to the prayer ministry at Jewish Voice after the webcast and all requests are prayed over.
Q: I can’t get through on the phones.
A: While our phone system has many lines, it still could take a while to get to your call. Please wait patiently or email your question at [email protected] or tweet your question using #JVwebcast. If you have further technical questions, you can email [email protected]




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