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We encourage you to send in your questions and they may get answered live on the webcast. Please understand that the webcast provides limited time to answer the questions of our viewers and there may not be time to answer your particular question.

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Webcast FAQ
Q: I can’t get the webcast to work on my computer. I can’t see the video.
A: The webcast requires Adobe Flash Player 10 or above. You can download the latest version here:
Adobe Flash Player
If you can’t see the webcast, your browser may be out-of-date. You can update your browser to the latest version here:  Internet Explorer | Google Chrome | Mozilla Firefox | Safari
Q: I can’t get through on the phones to ask my question.
A: While our phone system has many lines, we have many callers. Thank you for your patience. You can also email your question to webcast@jvmi.org or tweet your question using #JVwebcast.
Q: What is a live webcast?
A: A live webcast is a live event available over the Internet by accessing a particular website during the specified time.
Q: How does a webcast work? Does it air on TV? Do I have to download it to watch? Who can watch it?
A: The webcast is not a television broadcast or something you download. It streams live over the Internet so it is available throughout the world at the specified time wherever Internet connections exist.
Q: How do I register to watch the webcast? Why do I have to register? What does RSVP mean?
A: You can register to watch the webcast by completing the form under the Questions tab at www.jewishvoicelive.org. Registering gives us notice of how many plan to access the webcast website so that we can be prepared with enough bandwidth to support the volume of viewers without technical difficulties. “RSVP” is an abbreviation for the French words asking “please respond” and is used to ask invited guests to let us know their intent to participate.
Q: How do I watch the webcast? What website do I go to?
A: Watching is easy. Just go to the website at www.jewishvoicelive.org a few minutes before the starting time. When we go live with the webcast, it will automatically show in the viewing box.
Q:  Can I watch the webcast on my mobile device such as a smart phone, iPad, or e-reader?
A:  Yes, you can watch our live webcast on mobile devices using 3G (or higher) or Wi-Fi connections. You’ll need a mobile device that supports Mobile Players, Windows Media, or RealPlayer. You can watch the webcast on e-readers like Kindle if they have a web browser and video playback options.
Q:  Can I watch using Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Google TV, Livestream, etc.?
A: We do not currently stream our webcast through these resources.
Q:  Is there a cost for the webcast?
A:  The webcast is entirely free. Just go to the www.jewishvoicelive.org website, and the webcast will start when we’re live.
Q: How long will the webcast last?
A: Our live webcasts are one hour long. We often air musical performances a few minutes before and after the live webcast.
Q:  Can I watch the webcast prior to the announced date?
A:  No. Our webcasts are live events and unavailable on the web page until the scheduled time.
Q:  How can I figure out what time the webcast will be in my time zone?
A:  We recommend using the Time Zone Convertor page at TimeAndDate.com (HERE). Enter the date and time of the webcast’s Eastern Time listing in the boxes on the first row. Then, in the first Location section, use the drop-down arrows in the “Or choose” box and follow the steps to select “USA – New York” (this is U.S. Eastern Time). Next, in the second location box and using the same method, find and select your country/city. Then click the “Convert Time” button, and you will see what time our webcast will be live in your location.
Q:  How can I ask a question relating to the topic of the webcast?
A: You can submit questions either before or during the webcast by clicking on the Questions tab on the webcast page. You can also call us live once the webcast begins using the telephone number displayed on the webcast.
Q: Are closed captioning or transcripts available?
A: Unfortunately, at this time we are not able to provide closed captioning or transcripts of the webcast.
Q: What kind of reminders do you send out for the webcast?
A:  We send email reminders in the weeks prior to the webcast and one on the day of. We are unable to send text reminders. We do our best to send our “day-of” email early in the day, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee it will arrive in time for international locations whose time zones vary extremely from the U.S.

If you have further technical questions, you can email webcastsupport@jewishvoice.org.



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